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                  张弛1, 唐庆华1, 严玮1, 魏菊芳1, 侯恺2, 王越2, 何哲2

               (1 国网天津市电力企业电力科学研究院, 天津市  300384;
              2 智能电网教育部重点实验室( 天津大学) , 天津市  300072)

      摘要: 区域综合能源系统( integrated community energy system, ICES) 的发展将电、 气、 热等
能源联系得更加紧密。 文章在能源集线器模型基础上, 结合蒙特卡洛系统状态抽样方法, 提出
了一种基于粒子群-内点混合优化算法的区域综合能源系统可靠性评估算法。 该算法通过结合粒
子群算法和内点法的优劣势互补, 可较准确计算目标区域综合能源系统可靠性量化指标。 之后

      关键词: 区域综合能源系统( ICES) ; 可靠性评估; 能源集线器; 可再生能源渗透率

        Reliability Evaluation of Integrated Community Energy
      System Based on Particle-Swarm-Interior-Point Hybrid

                             Optimization Algorithm

      ZHANG Chi1, TANG Qinghua1, YAN Wei1, WEI Jufang1, HOU Kai2, WANG Yue2, HE Zhe2

(1 Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company, Tianjin 300384, China;
  2 Key Laboratory of Smart Grid of Ministry of Education ( Tianjin University) , Tianjin 300072, China)

      ABSTRACT: With the development of integrated community energy system ( ICES ) , the
relationship among electrical, gas and thermal systems is becoming tighter and tighter. Based on the
energy hub model and sampling technique on system status using Monte Carlo simulation, this paper
proposes the particle swarm optimization ( PSO) -inner point algorithm to assess ICES’ s reliability. By
applying the advantages of PSO and inner - point method, the proposed algorithm assesses ICES ’ s
reliability with better accuracy. Moreover, this paper analyzes the impact of renewable energy penetration
level on ICES’ s reliability in detail.

      KEYWORDS: integrated community energy system ( ICES) ; reliability assessment; energy hub;
renewable penetration

      中图分类号: TM 73    文献标志码: A    文章编号: 1000-7229(2017) 12-0104-08

      基金 项 目: 国 家 自 然 科 学 基 金 项 目 ( 51707129, 51625702, 51677124 ) ; 国 家 高 技 术 研 究 发 展 计 划 项 目 ( 863 计 划 )
( 2015AA050403)

      Project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China ( 51707129, 51625702, 51677124 ) ; the National High
Technology and Development of China(863 Program) (2015AA050403)

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