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                         曾鸣1, 刘英新1, 周鹏程1, 王雨晴1, 侯孟希2

  (1 新能源电力系统国家重点实验室( 华北电力大学) , 北京市 海淀区  102206;
               2 国网经济技术研究院有限企业, 北京市 昌平区  102209)

    Review and Prospects of Integrated Energy System Modeling
                             and Benefit Evaluation

                ZENG Ming1, LIU Yingxin1, ZHOU Pengcheng1, WANG Yuqing1, HOU Mengxi2

      (1 State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System With Renewable Energy Sources( North
                 China Electric Power University) , Changping District, Beijing  102206, China;

           2 State Grid Economic and Technological Research Institute Co., Ltd., Changping District,
                                                    Beijing  102209, China)

      ABSTRACT: Building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system is a common
goal and requirement of energy revolution and the " 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development" . Based
on this background, the concept of integrated energy system comes into being. Integrated energy system is
a comprehensive energy system with unified planning and unified dispatching of electricity, gas, heat,
cold and other energy sources. At present, modeling of integrated energy system is a hot issue in the field
of energy research. However, most of existing researches model a certain / assumed regional energy system
without systematic review and summary of physical and economic models. At the same time, the research
on benefit evaluation system of the integrated energy system is still in its infancy. This paper summarizes
existing researches in China and abroad, and proposes a typical physical architecture of regional integrated
energy system. Corresponding physical and economic models are built around independent devices and
coupled devices in the system. In this paper, current benefit evaluation index system and evaluation
method of comprehensive energy system are reviewed, and the research focus and development direction of
future integrated energy system modeling and benefit evaluation system research is put forward to provide
reference for related research and project implementation.

      KEY WORDS: integrated energy system; independent device; coupled device; physical and
economic models; benefit evaluation

      基金项目: 中央高校基本科研业务费专项资金(2018ZD13 和 2017XS108) ; 国家电网企业科技项目( SGTYHT / 17-JS-201) 。
      Project Supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities ( 2018ZD13 & 2017XS108) ; the Science and
Technology Project of SGCC( SGTYHT / 17-JS-201) .

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