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                                 白牧可, 王越, 唐巍, 吴聪, 张博

             ( 中国农业大学信息与电气工程学院, 北京市 海淀区  100083)

  Day-Ahead Optimal Dispatching of Regional Integrated Energy
             System Based on Interval Linear Programming

                            BAI Muke, WANG Yue, TANG Wei, WU Cong, ZHANG Bo

                 ( College of Information and Electrical Engineering, China Agriculture University,
                                         Haidian District, Beijing 100083, China)

      ABSTRACT: In current energy market environment, interconnection among multiple integrated
community energy systems ( ICESs) and uncertainties of forecasting errors of PV and electric load are not
fully considered in ICES optimal dispatching. In this regard, in this paper, day - ahead optimal
dispatching of multiple ICESs is studied based on interval linear programming. Uncertainties of PV output
and electric load are both described with interval numbers. Aiming at maximizing interests of energy
service company ( ESCO) , an interval linear programming model is built to get day - ahead optimal
dispatching of multiple ICESs, where objective function and decision variables are represented with
appropriate interval numbers. Aspects of multi - energy interaction, network constraints, environmental
benefit and time-of-use ( TOU) price are considered together in above model. The model is solved with
enhanced interval linear programming ( EILP) . EILP contributes to ensuring feasibility of whole solution
space. Simulation results show that under background of multiple ESCOs taking part in transaction,
interconnection of multiple ESCOs with distribution network can increase total ESCO profit. Optimal
solution in form of interval can provide more options for decision makers, and reflect effects of
uncertainty factors on ESCO profit more actually.

      KEY WORDS: integrated community energy system; optimaldispatching; interval linear
programming; uncertainty; energyservices company; network interconnection

      摘要: 针对区域综合能源系统在市场环境下的优化调度中未充分考虑多个系统互联及光伏 /
负荷的预测误差等不确定性的现状, 研究基于区间线性规划的区域综合能源系统日前优化调度
方法。 采用区间数对光伏出力及负荷的不确定性进行区间描述, 以能源服务企业利益最大化为
目标, 综合考虑多能互补和网络互联及环境效益, 并采用分时电价制度, 建立基于区间线性规
划的区域综合能源系统日前经济优化调度模型, 其目标函数及优化变量均以适宜区间来表示。

      基金项目: 国家自然科学基金项目(51377162) 。
      Project Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China(51377162) .

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