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                                          别朝红, 王旭, 胡源

           ( 电力设备电气绝缘国家重点实验室( 西安交通大学电气工程学院) ,
                                       陕西省西安市  710049)

          Review and Prospect of Planning of Energy Internet

                                            BIE Zhaohong, WANG Xu, HU Yuan

    ( State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment ( School of Electrical Engineering) ,
                                         Xi’ an 710049, Shaanxi Province, China)

      ABSTRACT: The development of energy utilization technology, the improvement of information
communication technology and the deep integration of both techniques have led to the birth of new energy
utilization system-energy internet. Multiple energy systems are coordinated optimally by energy internet to
accommodate large-scale renewable energy and improve energy utilization efficiency. Planning is the first
step for energy internet from theory to engineering practice. Only in the support of advanced and feasible
energy internet planning theory, the engineering practice of energy internet can be carried out smoothly.
Energy internet was firstly divided into generation - gird - load 3 parts on the basis of existing related
research to the structure of energy internet in this paper. Then the load forecast of multiple energy, the
model of multi-energy conversion and energy flow model of multi-energy system were illustrated for the
need of planning. Based on them, the analysis and investigation of planning for energy internet was
reviewed in basic planning model, planning of multi-energy generations, collaborative planning of multi
-energy generations and transmissions, planning of multi - energy consumptions and the solutions to
planning model. Finally, the potential research topics on planning of energy internet was proposed.

      KEY WORDS: energy internet; coupled multiple energy system; energy hub; combined heat
and power ( CHP) ; optimal planning; demand response

      摘要: 能源利用技术的发展、 信息技术的进步以及其深度的融合催生出了新的能源利用体
系———能源互联网。 能源互联网对多种能源系统进行协调优化, 接纳大规模可再生能源, 并提
高能源利用效率。 规划是能源互联网从理论到工程实践的第一步, 只有在先进、 合理的能源互
联网规划的理论支撑下, 能源互联网的工程实践才能有效实施。 该文首先基于已有的能源互联
网的相关研究, 按照“源-网-荷”的结构对能源互联网进行划分, 其次先容了规划建模所需的多
种能源的负荷预测、 描述多能源转化的数学模型和多能流潮流模型。 基于此, 从基本的规划模

      基金项目: 国家重点研发计划项目(2016YFB0901900) ; 国家自然科学基金重点项目(51637008) 。
      National Key Research and Development Program of China ( 2016YFB0901900 ) ; Project Supported by National Natural Science
Foundation of China(51637008) .

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